Thursday, July 10, 2008

New E-book for Freelance Sportswriters

For those of you who may want to break into writing about sports, I have written an e-book about the process. The One Minute Golf Writer is a guide for starting a rewarding career as a freelance sportswriter. Although it is directed at people looking to write about golf, it is also perfect for any sports discipline, or any profession, for that matter.

It takes you from the beginning stages, answering such questions as "Who can become a freelance writer?," to "Can I write well enough?," to "How long will it take to begin making money?," plus many others.

The One Minute Golf Writer shows readers (and listeners; there's an audio CD, too) how to find work, the types of writing they can do, case studies, interviews with other writers, how much they might earn for different projects, and so on.

Have a look for yourself at

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