Tools for the Sports Writer and Blogger

The services and programs listed on this page, and where they appear at other locations on this site, receive my full endorsement and support. I have direct experience with all of them and I've found each to over deliver and have real value for sports writers and bloggers. I hope you'll visit them.

Host Gator web hosting

SportsWriterHQ has always been hosted on, but we're moving to a WordPress platform hosted by Host Gator. I use Host Gator as the host for several of my other sites and THEY'RE AWESOME. Forget GoDaddy, which I've used in the past. In short, if I want to be treated like I'm shopping for a car, I'll go to a car dealer.

I've never had downtime on any site and the customer service has been excellent. Give them a try. Use coupon code sportswriterhq to get $9.94 off when you sign up for a hosting plan.

The Internet Business Mastery Academy

The Internet Business Mastery Academy helps you escape the 9-to-5 and design the lifestyle of your dreams by giving you step-by-step tutorials for turning your life’s passion into an extremely profitable Internet business.

The first step in the Academy is to help you design your ultimate Internet lifestyle. Then, through a series of online, step by step courses, you'll discover how to use social media and other proven Internet marketing strategies to maximize your business success. Plus, our innovative "multimedia Rolodex" is another breakthrough designed to help you find the best services and vendors to help you reach your business goals as quickly as possible -- and achieve your ideal lifestyle.

Get immediate access to the free audio program, "Three Pillars of Designing Your Ultimate Internet Business Lifestyle" today.

AWeber Communications

The video says it all about creating an email newsletter.

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