Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Importance Of Connecting With Your Audience

J. Chad Barnett, Contributing Writer

Audience connection is a must for any writer. Knowing what readers want from you, can make a big difference when trying to come up with topics. While most people think that sports writers are in their own category, they can actually be broken down into a variety of different niches within the sports genre. The trick is to figure out what the readers want to know about in that particular sport, then you have a base to make an audience connection. Considering the fact that time changes everything, constant research is required to keep up with common interests.

I came across a very good article about audience connection, written by Yaro Starak at In it he discusses a DVD from Frank Kern, on audience connection. The exercises discussed can be helpful to all writers.

There is also another article about how to make niche selection easy. This can be beneficial to new writers. Niche selection can depend on a number of variables. The article breaks selection down to make it an easy task. Read the article here.

Remember, your connection with the audience determines whether they read the whole article, or just the first sentence. You want them to read all the way to the last sentence, and if a connection was made you are doing that right now.

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