Thursday, June 30, 2011

Backlinks Checking: Do It, but Don't Obsess

Building backlinks is as important to a sports-related website as any other. They are an important facet of your overall website optimization plan. Backlinks checking, not simply the number of them and who gave them, but also anchor text, page rank of the providing site, among other aspects of linking, are important as well.

In this short video, backlinks are explained; what they are, what they mean, how they benefit you. It also provides a couple of easy tools to use to quickly check your backlinks.

Establishing the right kind of links, backlinks that provide value to the linking site and your site, can pay great dividends. Generally, comments on blogs and forums related to your broad topic give you the opportunity to link to your site (a backlink). Also, publishing unique content with article directories and guest posting on other blogs are fantastic ways to build backlinks.

Have you checked backlinks to your site? How do they look? Let us know in the comments section, we'd all love to hear your comments and advice (commenting also provides a backlink).

UPDATE July 11, 2011: A site called is another free online tool for backlinks checking. There are lots of ads, but it provides linking site, anchor text, outbound links and flags. On the sites I checked, it shows more inbound links.

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