Sunday, February 10, 2008

Blogs: A Great Way to Promote Your Writing

Sure, blogs are a dime a dozen. A penney a dozen is more like it these days. But, there are comparatively few that offer great content for their readers. Establishing a blog with solid content that is useful to readers/users is a welcome site.

They are also great places to promote and link to your other work. Also, the more inbound links to your articles, the higher the Google PageRank, which shows the popularity of your work and impacts the search engine ranking. Every web page is ranked by Google. Each page has a ranking from 0 to 10. The higher the better. One way to increase is through linking.

Linking provides you with needed page views, which means more readers, possible ad revenue, popularity, etc.

If you already have some articles/an article on the Net, set up a blog. It's free. With blogspot, you can place your own ads, Google Adsense, or some other ad server and earn income from it. It won't be much at first, but handled in the right way and with determination, it will be.

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