Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sports-Related Press Release Writing

One of the innumerable ways to put your interest and knowledge about your favorite sport(s) to work is through press release writing.

There are a number of companies related to sports in some fashion. Tons of websites, web companies, fitness centers, businesses hosting charity sports events, etc., need knowledgeable experts to help promote their sports-related events. If you know and love your sport, learn to write press releases.

Sports press release writing does entail a bit more than, say, an in depth knowledge of golf, or basketball, or tennis, for example. Writers should obtain a fair amount of knowledge of written sales techniques, since that is essentially what you will be doing. They should also learn about the companies for which they will be writing.

For tons of press release samples, visit and You'll have to register, but it's free and they'll be great resources for the future.

Another good reason to branch out, or specialize, in sports press releases is the pay is often better. Companies stand to make a lot of money from getting the word out, as a result, they are often willing to pay for a great, impactful press release.

Further your sportswriting reach, learn to write sports press releases.

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