Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Finding Sportswriting Assignments

If you're a beginning freelancer, one of your first questions may be, "Where do I find sportswriting jobs/assignments?" There are several ways.

One way is to find a site like (discussed in an earlier post). is a large, general interest website with several sections, one of which is the Sports section. With Suite 101, and others like it, you can apply to become a writer. Pay for your work depends on revenue sharing from ads placed on your articles. The more traffic to your articles, the more money you should make. If you go this route, most of your income will come after you have built up a portfolio and traffic to your articles. There are sites that pay per article rather than the revenue share model. There are advantages to both. With, your main benefit, at least initially, is the legitimacy that writing for them will provide. That legitimacy will lead to other, higher paying jobs, with persistence, of course.

Another route you can take is with sites that let you bid on job postings. The website typically accepted as the best of these is On Elance, you join, post a profile and examples of your work (optional) and bid on writing or other projects that fit your interest and ability. As with anything, being selected for projects come more readily once you've established a good rating and a few completed projects. Most anytime, you can find sports-related projects that need good writers on Elance.

Whatever road you decide to take in beginning your freelance writing career, beware of avenues. For example, there are other job posting sites that aren't as respected as Elance. At Elance, you can join free of charge or pay for premium placement when bidding, and several other perks, which has the effect of weeding out low bidders (someone who offers to write full articles for $2 or $3 each, often possibly using programs that re-write the work of others quickly). Some other sites are more conducive to such people.

Most online writing will pay less than print publications, but it is financially worthwhile and your portfolio is growing all the while.

Here's a link to the articles I've written on, just to give you an idea of what can be done in a year - Golf Feature Writer Articles. I published nearly 100 articles last year, and that wasn't even near the top on Suite 101.

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