Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Product Reviews on Your Blog

I recently wrote a review of a set of Mizuno golf irons for another site. To be brief, I loved the irons, which were made for low-handicappers. The only, I mean the one and only, thing I could find wrong with them was that they won't work for high-handicap golfers.

The editor reviewing the article asked me if I was receiving anything from Mizuno for writing what amounted to an advertisement.

I certainly hadn't received anything for writing the piece, but it is a good illustration of the dangers inherent in writing product reviews. Certainly, we need to be honest in our assessments, and usually the final product is fair for everyone; consumer and manufacturer. Occassionally, you will review a product that is either clearly superior or inferior. No matter the side you come down on, you will get some negative feedback from anyone who disagrees. Be prepared!

In my case, I understand the editor's point of view. He wants ensure consumers get their money's worth from the product after reading my review. My task is to now re-write the piece so that it "sounds" better for all involved.

Product reviews are fun to do. You often get free stuff to use and keep, get to use the stuff at your leisure, tell everyone your opinion and generally get paid for your article. But, as I have learned after doing several reviews, you have to maintain the appearance of objectivity, even if you become a lifelong fan, or hater, of the product.