Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Top-10 Independent Sports Blogs of 2008 Contest

Now through December 31, 2008, Sports Writer HQ will be taking nominations for the Top-10 Independent Sports Blogs of 2008.

Lest ye be confused, the contest has nothing to do with the amount of traffic a blog receives each day, week, month, millennium, or age (as in Stone Age or Iron Age). The closest thing to traffic that will be looked at is blog post comments.

The contest is limited to independent blogs, thus the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall in the photo. No blogs that are a part of news organizations (CNN, ESPN, Fox, New York Times, etc.) will be considered, even if the blog is written and managed by one person. Also, no blogs supported by other corporate sites.

The only blogs that will be evaluated are those that stand alone among the masses, independent, personal, one-man or one-woman shows, or a group of affiliated bloggers/writers, etc.

Qualities that will be evaluated are content, aesthetics, ease of navigation, multimedia usage, participation from readers, interaction with readers by the publisher(s), evergreen posts (those that have a chance of remaining relevant for years to come), and other intangible things that simply make a great blog.

The winner and each of the top-10 will receive a nice little logo to place on their site. They'll also be mentioned, along with a description/story of their site in the winner announcement post. Winners will be announced January 5, 2009. Sorry, but unless some corporate benefactor steps forward, there will be no further "prize package".

If you would like to nominate a favorite sports-related blog (yes, you may nominate your own), send an email to 1minfreelancer@gmail.com.

No blog with which I am affiliated or actively promote on this site will be eligible to participate in the contest. Winner selection will be selected at the sole discretion of Sports Writer HQ team.

This will be great! I look forward to seeing the nominations.

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