Saturday, December 20, 2008

Wicked Awesome Content

The ultimate goal for any blog is to have readers, lots of readers. Your blog might not seek monetary gain, but it does seek readers. There are a few blogs being faithfully posted to every day or every week without any attempt to reach anyone. They exist only to please the writer.

Not that there’s anything wrong with maintaining a blog as personal therapy of some sort, but most of those will reach the point of “What’s the point?”

Sports blogs are no different than any other blog; they need readers, viewers, subscribers, to survive, they need great content. Despite what some may say about what you can do with all the advice you receive, if you try to grow a blog without awesome content, make that wicked awesome content, you won’t have a blog for long.

New Blogs Face a Daily Battle

You’re reading a new blog, one that is fighting every other blog on the Net to gain attention and readers. If I don’t separate Sports Writer HQ from the pack, if I don’t make an impact among sports writers and sports bloggers, I’ll be writing about something else a year from now. I’ve done what every person who wants to reach people through a blog should do; I’ve found a group (sports writers and bloggers) that is under-served, and found that there is an audience. Now, the next logical step for me is to get people to trust this blog through great content, information they can use, information that will make a positive impact on their readership and their bank accounts.

Develop Trust

Yes, your readers need to trust you. If they come to your site and find validity in what you’re saying, if they find value in the resources you provide, and if they see the same results day-after-day, week-after-week, month-after-month, you have gained trust. The ONLY way you can start building a relationship with readers is to provide them with what they need, Wicked Awesome Content.

Wicked Awesome Case Studies - Here’s a golf blog that doesn’t give you scores and recaps of Tiger’s latest round. Armchair knows that any golf fan can turn on the Golf Channel or and find the same thing and much more quickly. What it does provide is timely and relevant commentary on golf news, but in a way that appeals to avid golf fans. In my opinion, Armchair's appeal lies in it’s common sense, humanity and the dry humor it applies to the golf world. Take a look at these three recent posts and you’ll have a great sense of why it attracts readers and participation through comments.

Bob Thomas: Golf Saved His Life
Harrington Gets Tiger’s Player of the Year Vote
Bad Bet for Freddie Couples

Armchair sets itself apart from many other sites by giving readers consistent posts, virtually every day. People hate to return to a blog only to see that it hasn’t been updated in weeks or even days. If they know they’re going to get fresh posts, they’re more likely to return. There are lots of blogs that do the same thing as Armchair, but not as consistently, which is a clear reason it remains successful. - Simply put, one of the most successful blogs today, yesterday, and, because blog creator Darren Rowse loves and knows what he’s doing, in the future.

In a recent interview, Rowse admitted that when he started his first blog in 2002, he had virtually no blogging or coding skills. As he stated, “I often joke about a time I had to ask another blogger how to make text bold - my understanding of html, coding, design was pretty much non existent.” How far away 2002 must seem to him.

What started as a desire to write a personal blog soon developed into a way to make some extra money, then into a part-time living, then into a full-time living, then into mega-success.

He achieved success through finding what his readers wanted, focusing on that niche (initially it was cameras) and writing killer content. Because advertisers wanted a tightly focused blog and readers who were interested in exactly what they had to sell, monetary success came. continues to deliver consistent and powerful content that bloggers want. It’s also content that aides in their success, which, for most blogs, is the bottom line.

Remember, shoot for wicked awesome content, and don’t fall short.