Monday, March 2, 2009

Top Sports Writing And Freelance Writing Jobs For Week Of March 2, 2009

J. Chad Barnett, Contributing Writer

Visit the Jobs Page for Updated sports blogging and writing postings.

This week, as promised, I have for you a list of what I feel to be the best 10 jobs for this week. Some pay a lot, some pay a little, but all of them will provide good experience for you. They aren't going to be around too long, so start sending in applications and resumes a.s.a.p!

Sports Writing Jobs

1. New sports site about to be launched needs sports writers for content articles. 1 to 2 assignments per month to start. $25 per article.
2. Well-established company seeking writers for various sports related assignments. Substantial compensation package provides good starting pay. Don't pass this one up! $$$$$$
3. Looking to hire regional sports bloggers for site content in most major east coast cities (Charlotte, Boston, New york, etc.) but open to other locations.
4. Sports ranking site needs writers for content. Not too picky about qualifications.
5. Company in search for sports writers and bloggers for a number of their sites. A variety of choices here for sports writers of different genres.

Other Freelance Writing Jobs

1. Prominent website is looking for writers in a variety of fields. They provide all the help and resources needed to begin and sustain a writing career.
2. If the thrill of conquering a mountain drives you, check out this job. Write about, hiking, camping, kayaking, and much more. Basically, anything to do with the great outdoors.
3. Can you interview people and write about it? This finance-based company wants to hire you then. Great pay ($200 per interview!) and benefits. $$$$$$$$$
4. Get paid weekly writing how-to articles for this company's vast network of sites. Another good way to build your portfolio while making a little money.
5. Write different evergreen articles for this site and keep 60% of the advertising revenue your articles generate. Good experience.

So another week is under way and I'm looking to write and make some money. I hope these job links help some of you to accomplish that too. Writer's Unite!

"I am paid by the word, so I always write the shortest words possible."--Bertrand Russell(1872-1970)British Philosopher

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