Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Unique Mission of Sports Writer HQ

For no other reason than I simply want to, I'd like to mention the mission of this blog.

Sports Writer HQ is part sports, part writing, part business. Freelance sports writing is not limited to game coverage, sport-specific writing, player profiles, and sports news; neither is this blog.

Since beginning my nano-business as a freelance golf writer, I have learned there are a myriad of possibilities with sports writing. Sure, you can cover all of the typical sports topics mentioned above, but as a freelancer, you could go broke. If you want to do that, if you're passionate about it, a sports writing "purist", hit it hard. It will be fulfilling.

If, like me, you're in it because you love sports or a sport, see the income potential and want to find your particular niche, then you're open to a lot of different ideas and concepts. That's what I am trying to provide here. As I experience things, whatever they may be and however they may relate to freelance sports writing, I will lay them out here. You'll see what works (for me), what doesn't work (for me) and through that information, you may see what you can do better than I do. You may see my mistakes and turn my failures into successes for you. I certainly hope so.

As the blog grows, I hope to see more comments, more questions and requests from readers to post their own articles here. I truly want it to be a great resource.

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