Thursday, November 20, 2008

Think Your Blog is Successful Now? Just Wait.

I rarely recommend products. Take a look at this blog and you'll see only four products, one of which is my own, and another is what I'm telling you about here.

The only way I will offer a product on this or any of my sites is if I: 1) have first-hand knowledge of it; and 2) it will be of great benefit to those who purchase it. There's enough crap "Make Money Fast!" scams out there to fill the Gulf of Mexico, I don't want to extend that any further. What I'm getting at is if I risk my name by recommending it, it had better be outstanding! Blog Mastermind is just that, outstanding.

Yaro Starak publishes a business blog, You'll see a link to it in the blog roll. It has a Google PageRank of 5, which is fantastic for a blog and it has great content. I hadn't been making a push to make my blogs fiscally successful until I began reading his blog and a few others. I recently finished his report on making a succesful blog. I had been wanting to share it with you, but I had to wait to see the results. Now I can do it. I sent this info to my email list this morning, but couldn't wait any longer to put it out to everyone.

Yaro is a professional blogger who claims to make over $5000 USD per month from his blog. Blog Mastermind is his mentoring program for people who want to earn a full time income from blogging part time.

Now, I'm always skeptical of lofty claims, but, seeing my own results, it is highly unlikely that he is making up his figures. There's a free download to get you started, but the real meat of the program is in the Blog Mastermind Program.

I recommend it and hope it does as well for your sports blog, cooking blog, lawn care blog, whatever, as it has for me. Let me know how you do. I can't wait to hear. Click here to join the Blog Mastermind Mentoring Program

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