Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Rejection Opportunity

Or, more accurately, Rejection=Opportunity.

I handle rejection from potential clients, editors, etc. very well, after the initial "I can't believe that (insert expletive, like "big dummy", "insensitive jerk", "mister smarty-pants") moron calls himself an editor," and "What lowly vermin would turn down my proposal."

If you've ever voiced such opinions to the "rejector", you have certainly lost a potential client for eternity. In this economy, that's bad.

If you have responded with no response at all, you may have accomplished the same thing.

If you responded with an email/card/letter thanking the person for her time, providing you with tools to improve your work, the opportunity, and wishing them all the best, then you have left the door open for a future collaboration.

Even better, follow it up with a card around the next holiday, just to keep you on her mind. When the next opportunity arises, and she sees your proposal, you will get a closer look than the others.

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